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Give up yet?


Give up yet?

When your muse tells you something you REALLY DON’T WANT TO KNOW!



My Loki muse is feeling quite frisky and sassy at the moment

Let's play a game. Put "I'm willing to gamble." in my Ask and find out what the results shall yield.

1st person gets: To own my character for one day.
2nd person gets: To own my character for three days.
3rd person gets: To own my character for a week.
4th person gets: A french kiss from my character.
5th person gets: One free favor (non-sexual) from my character to call upon at any time they wish.
6th person gets: To make three (3) commands that my character absolutely has to follow, no objections.
7th person gets: To do whatever they want to my character in a period of 6 hours and my character will not be able to do or say anything about it afterward. (That includes getting some manner of revenge.)
8th person gets: My character naked, chained, collared, and gagged for 12 hours. Only the person can remove the bindings and my character has to obey their every command during this time if they are freed of their bindings.
9th person gets: To spend a night with my character. (They get to decide what the two do.)
10th person gets: To be married to my character for two weeks. (They must even live together.)
11th person gets: To be married to my character for one month. (They must even live together.)



So how did it feel to give birth to a horse with eight legs?  Or is my textbook wrong?


How did it feel when that spider made you its…. oh wbhats that word the midgardians use…… ah.. yes…. Bitch?

so everyone go sign




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So guys, I don’t ask for a lot but I am asking this of you. Please, go sign this. If you want Tumblr to stay the way it is we have to let them know. So SIGN and SIGNAL BOOST, please and thank-you.


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I apologize for my lack of being on lately

Betwwen work and my other account and all the lovely stresses of life, I’ve not had much time but I’ll try to get on soon.

Over the past two days this website has taught me more about life then living has, I have seen people suffer and I have felt their pain. I now realize how cruel people can be, and that there truly isn’t a reason for it. I’ve seen people deteriorate into nothing, maybe even to the point where they are gone forever and it’s a tragic thing to see. But even though it may seem like hell, I have seen others come back, even better than before. And the reason they do this is because they KNEW they were worth something, to someone out there. To those of you considering suicide, stop. You are beautiful. And you are perfect. Don’t let anyone bring you down, because you are you. And thats exactly what you should be, because we do care, and you do matter.

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» 7 Beings Have Come To Mock You





» theoldfashionedromantic

» eye-of-rage

» ababysitterturnedactor

» thecrownedprincethor

» dontknowthemeaningofpain

» tricksteringreen

» young-bruce-banner

     Loki sat in silence as he heard them fast approaching. He didn’t not turn to see them come, only cursed silently to himself before speaking.

     “Come to mock me have you? To open the wounds that have been inflicted?” He spat, anger and agony becoming him. image

Jackson watched the man with slight interest. Certainly had an interesting way of dressing. He crossed his arms, “Hmm… Mocking wasn’t on my list as of yet. But now that you mention it, I might as well start early. Those antlers are a great addition to that ensemble.”


      Loki spun, anger lighting his face.

     “I suggest you watch your tongue mortal, before you lose it!” He growled, his glare growing red. image

“I ain’t been mortal for over a century now,” Jackson chuckled, leaning against a pillar, “And I much prefer giving threats than receiving them,” he cocked his head to the side, “What’s your name, stranger?”


    This man seemed to be playing games, one moment threatening the next friendly. It was causing his mind to twist in confusion.

    “Loki.. Son of Odin.” He responded shortly. Though he’d learned of his true origin, he still considered himself of the house of Odin and was determined to prove himself equal to his brother, Thor, whom this man before him favored so greatly.

» 9 Beings Have Come To Mock You



     Loki sat alone in a the small cafe, his mind but a blur of thoughts and contemplations. As he heard the small door bell ring, he sighed, wishing only for solitude, to be by himself with his thoughts.

      “Come to mock me ever more?” he questioned, not knowing who it was who’d walked through the doors and scarcely caring to look. “To reopen the inflicted wounds?” image

“Hardly, Loki. Not even you deserve that kind of treatment.” Steve looked on him. As much as he wanted to hate the man, that look on his face… “Honestly…I heard you were back and I just wanted to see if the agent’s were pulling my leg or not.” He shrugged softly. “You..don’t seem like the same man I fought in germany.” He still found that ironic.

 His brow furrowed in confusion.

     “Please, forgive me, but I do not recall meeting you, Captain.” Loki apologized, his head cocking to the side. “Are you certain you have the right God?”